Event Planning

Brianna Belton Design specializes in full service event planning.

From start to finish, we take care of all the details in making your dream day come true. Enjoy your engagement, whether it be long or short! We will make all of the phone calls, meet with vendors, and do all the prep work to get everything ready to make your wedding day go smoothly! Wedding planning starts at $3000. Discounted pricing for planned elopements. Event coordinating varies, inquire for more details.

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Why you should hire a professional wedding planner: 

All brides should have the experience of a stress free engagement, whether it be long or short! And, a worry-free, stress-free special day. Having a wedding planner to coordinate, allows you to enjoy your day just like your guests will! Most brides have been planning, (in their mind), their wedding day their entire life! Creating pinterest boards and dreaming about it before even being engaged. Wedding planners work for the couple to meet and surpass all their dreams. With practice, comes perfection! A wedding planner knows the latest trends and are inspired by other brides, which in turn can help you define the look, style, mood, and emotions you envision and want to make a reality! 

My favorite part of being a wedding planner, is being the mediator and saving relationships. Most brides have a plethora of conflicting opinions from sister, the maid of honor, other family and friends, about how the wedding should be, and its impossible to please everyone. Weddings are stressful and in turn, results in many arguments for couples, as well as mom, and other family members and friends. Wedding planners are able to take on the responsibilities often assigned to other family members so that everyone is able to enjoy the big day! 

Weddings can become super expensive, especially with the endless ideas and dream wedding photos on every girls secret wedding pinterest board. By hiring a planner, couples actually save money. Wedding planners are able to negotiate discounts with vendors, and are experienced in staying within budgets, stretching your dollar as far as it will go. They know the right people to talk to, what should and shouldn't be in a contract, and how to be sure that every detail is prepared! They know how much things should cost, what percentages should be spent on what, and when payments should be made to keep within deadlines. 


Wedding planning takes an enormous amount of time, but an experienced wedding planner will save you time and energy by doing all the legwork and research for you, taking care of the countless details and presenting creative ideas to make your wedding amazing and custom to you! Wedding checklists can be pages long, but planners know what needs to be done like the back of their hand! 

Most wedding planners are even responsible for organizing rehearsal and making sure all of the bridal party is properly lined up, orchestrating the entire ceremony from rehearsal all the way through to the end of the reception, ensuring everything goes smoothly without a hitch! From pinning corsages and boutonnieres, to making sure everyone is ready and on time for the photographer! 

Nearly all big events involve crisis. But, wedding planners know to how to handle all unforeseen circumstances. After all, who really wants to deal with the bakery not being on time or the organist not showing up?! 

The wedding planner organizes all the the events leading up to the big day, making detailed itineraries for all involved, including vendors, to be sure that everyone is on time!

Average weddings have at least 22 different vendors. However, by hiring a wedding planner, there is a "go to person"!

Wedding planners have planned numerous weddings and know what works and what doesn't. They are knowledgable on wedding etiquette and also able to recommend vendors, based on personal experience. 

Enjoy organizing your wedding, but let the planner do all of the dirty work!